JEF Media launches their new and improved website

JEF Media launches there new and improved website Having built up a number of very good customers in 2011, JEF Media have taken steps in expanding the operation for 2012 with a very strong focus on growing their customer base while making sure their existing clients needs are also more than taken care of.
Having fully set up and started trading in 2011, JEF media now have the setup, personnel and backing in place to rapidly move forward to becoming one of Ireland fastest growing web development companies. Jonathan Hayes (MD of JEF Media) says "We are massively looking forward to the expansion of the company in 2012, it started out being quiet tough but we managed to get over the hurdles and through them also at times but here we are with a brand new look for a brand new year 2012".
Mr Hayes says, "We will survive and grow due to our young and enthusiastic nature, we cannot be stopped! We will be first with new ideas and we will be the first to implement those ideas. There is only 40% of Irish businesses on the internet according to Google! We plan on increasing that figure by educating the smaller business s to the advantage that they or their company can gain by having a good Internet presence. Not only will we help get this country up to speed on the Internet but also we will help it evolve that bit quicker with more relevant up to date news that some companies seem to be afraid to pass on. The truth is Ireland while it is quiet advanced in certain areas is being left behind in others. The Irish mentality for years seems to be if we are not selling as much then we get rid of sales people!!! This doesn't make sense. Most sales people worth their salt would be willing to work on a commission only basis providing the commission percentage was high enough, after all there job is SALES and if they do not sell why should they get paid. If a receptionist didn't answer the phone would he/she get paid? Not likely! I would take on 10 sales people nationally as account managers to sell on a commission only basis initially but they wont do it! The truth is there are plenty of opportunities out there to work and get Ireland moving again and we can do this as a nation if we change our mind set and pull in the same direction. This attitude of blaming other people has gone on long enough in my view. I feel people are using this as an excuse and are getting passed on down the line, turning once hard working men and women into lazy people who just like to give out. Dont get me wrong i am sure there is also plenty of people that genuinely cannot get work but at least they are trying. Trying to some people seems to be a huge task as it is easier to quit!!
In short we need to get ourselves out of this mess and get ourselves back to work. If you wait for this government to solve all the problems then I am afraid to say , you will be waiting and waiting.