Sutherland & Yale Launch E-commerce Website


JEF Media is delighted to announce the launch of the Sutherland & Yale Ecommerce Website. Over the last few weeks, JEF Media have been designing and developing this very specific Website. As a result, the new Website which was launched is a fully Responsive Website that can be viewed perfectly across all devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets. 
Along with the E-commerce website, we here at JEF Media have designed a Facebook page for Sutherland & Yale. This Facebook page was designed with the intention to drive traffic to the new E-commerce website. Over the coming weeks and months, this Facebook page will be an essential tool in terms of promoting the Sutherland & Yale Brand and Website. All the information posted on the Facebook page will be aimed at creating greater brand awareness, engagement and customer loyalty. This will be achieved by creating effective and informative content, which will result in ‘likes’ and ultimately drive traffic to the website.
Before design began, the owners of Sutherland & Yale outlined exactly what they wanted. Some of these specifics are outlined below:
1) A Responsive E-commerce website, which displays all products in a way that is easy for users to view and navigate through.
2) Easy to use ‘Backend’ Design, so that they can add and edit the products that are displayed on the website.
3) A Facebook page that will drive traffic to the E-commerce Website. 
JEF Media designed and developed the Website, to ensure all the above requirements were met. The current e-commerce website is easy to navigate, simple to edit the content, can be optimally viewed across all devices and the Facebook page will in time, drive traffic to the website.
About Sutherland & Yale
Sutherland & Yale is a new business designed to bring you quality beauty and health products at prices unobtainable on the High Street. The beauty and health products supplied on the Website are all very well known brand names. Some of these brands include:
Along with the wide range of top quality brands that they offer, Sutherland & Yale also offer free delivery of the products to anyone who spends over €50 on their E-commerce website.
The Sutherland & Yale Website can be seen by visiting the JEF Media website, which is and going to the portfolio tab.

Alternatively, the website can be accessed by going to

The Facebook page can be visited @

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