Facebook Layout Is Changing


Facebook Layout Is Changing
Most of us visit Facebook every day and are used to them chopping and changing elements of the website. They have now decided to change one of the most important aspect of the design, the News Feed. All the chopping and changing that has occurred over the past 12 months has resulted in Facebook finally coming to a decision on what design features they prefer.
To be specific, the biggest changes that users will see are, that pictures will be much larger than the existing pictures on the Newsfeed (Wall). This is because pictures are becoming increasingly more important in people’s lives. In addition, the font will also change. As a result, these two significant changes will result in the desktop version of Facebook looking very similar to the mobile site. Facebook know that it is vitally important for their website to look the same on all devices. As well as these two significant changes, Facebook also are adding new elements around the sides of pages such as ‘People You My Know’.
These changes will soon be coming to your Facebook page. Expect a lot of complaining over the next few weeks for those people who do not like change!
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