5 reasons responsive web design is ideal for your Company


Even if you're not acquainted with the term "Responsive Design," you've possibly seen it in action. Think of a site so flexible that it seamlessly transforms its look depending on the dimension of the user's display screen. It's a necessity in a time when 90 % of American internet users utilize multiple screens consecutively and 40 % of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
Content Marketing may have been the buzzword around the workplace in 2013, however 2014 is the year of responsive web design. From fundamental WordPress websites to websites running more robust internet applications like Magento, responsive design makes your website stronger. And here's why:
1. Best practice in the industry: Whether on your mobile, tablet computer, or desktop computer web browser, responsive design sites have one URL and the exact same HTML, making it a lot more effective for online search engine to creep, index, and arrange material. Plus, when Google is the one calling responsive layout a market best practice, you ought to probably pay attention. They may merely know exactly what they're talking about.
2. One website for all devices: Your website site visitors no longer need to be irritated by a watered-down mobile version of your website or various variations between their cell phones and their laptops. With responsive design, users can have a constant experience as your website shifts and resizes to match the customer's screen-size. Navigation and legibility stay undamaged.
3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Search Engine Optimization efforts could be time consuming. Isn't it really much better to present your powers on one internet site instead of 2 (if you're disputing an extra mobile website)? There are various Search Engine Optimisation techniques when it involves mobile, but there is no reason those could not be executed into any type of web site.
4. Simplicity of Maintenance: When you make constant updates to your website, which we advise you do (content advertising remains essential!), it's a lot less complicated to update one website than two. Marketers are often strapped for time. This is one place they can wait.
5. Cut cost: We discussed that this is all one web site, right? (Possibly merely a couple of times.) Instead of putting forth your time and money on a different mobile endeavour, using a responsive style gets rid of 2 electronic birds with one virtual rock. Hence, developing one internet site is more efficient on a number of levels.
Some might consider the data around and make a disagreement for a mobile website. It's true that "62 % of business that made a website especially for mobile had enhanced sales" (Econsultancy); nonetheless, there's no guideline that a business's mobile-friendly internet site has to be a unique mobile version. Just what does this all suggest? Make sure you do not shed sales, references, or other website traffic by ignoring this major market section.
Responsive design might be the buzzword of 2014, but it's not a passing fad that will certainly discolour as soon as the Sochi Olympics and this year's preceded superhero sequels are behind us. Making sure your website is ready for all interested viewers is vital. Yes, we agree with Google. In 2014, responsive design is our advised answer to website versatility and impact.
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