4 Benifits of Responsive Design


Nowadays it seems everything is available on the go! Businesses with an online presence are opting for responsive websites that can be viewed on a range of devices including;

  • Desktops 
  • Smartphones 
  • Tablets 
  • iPads.


Responsive Web Design allows a website to adapt to different screens by shuffling content and realigning itself. But what are the main benefits of such a design??


1. Usability

The foremost benefit of a responsive design is its flexibility to adapt to different screens. Your website is easily accessible on all types of devices. According to the size of the screen, the website shuffles and adjusts content, images and font size to deliver a quality experience for your users.

Hence no matter what device a user has, they can conveniently read and navigate the site.


2. Easy to maintain

If you create multiple versions of your website – for desktop, mobiles, tablets, etc., you will end up updating all the different versions every time there is a change, be it adding a new web page, editing content or even correcting a typo. Now that is double the efforts and time.

On the other hand, a responsive web design is easy to maintain simply because it is a single website that opens seamlessly on different devices. When you need to update the site, website administrators have to update only on one platform. And you have only one set of content to manage which saves precious time and money.


3. Better SEO

Responsive Web Design is now becoming a must for making your site search engine optimized. Instead of optimizing content or building links for multiple sites, responsive design creates a single model that is easy to update and optimized for all devices.

Besides, the URL structure also remains the same for all devices be it an iPad, desktop computer or a mobile that makes it easy for Google to index your site.


4. Boost Sales

If a user encounters a problem while opening your site in his preferred device, you are sure to lose a potential customer. However, when a user can access your site from any device, they are unlikely to switch to a rival brand. An enhanced user experience means increased sales and better conversion rates.

Considering all these benefits, it is no wonder that more and more companies are turning to Responsive Web Design. It is easy to maintain and update, ensures a user friendly experience across all devices and browsers, and ultimately guarantees a better return on investment.

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